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For those of you looking for something new to do this weekend New Washington is having their anual Hatchery Festival July 5th and 6th.  It's a great way to get some good eats and mingle with local friends and family. 

New Washington has a very rich history within the commercial hatchery business.  New Washington has been noted to be the birthplace of commercial poultry hatchery industry.  Back when cars and horses equally shared the road, New Washington was the place to be if you wanted chickens.   The Uhl's (which Steve Garberick is a decendant of) were instrumental in the hatcheries in the 1900's.  Although the barns are all gone, Uhls wonderful home still stands today!

There's plenty to do for the little kids and big kids including a car show.  There's live music, games, oh and did I mention FOOD?  You may even see Annette and Steve Garberick helping out with some of the games!  So stop by and eat some chicken (or anything else for that matter) and say hello to them!!!

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